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Rob M. Reese II Rob M. Reese II | 05.02.10

TechnoLogicRepair.com is a technology consulting, sales, and repair firm. TechnoLogicRepair.com was founded by Rob M. Reese II. Rob started in the computer field when he was in grade school attending Our Lady of Calvary School in Philadelphia. At Our Lady of Calvary, Rob was the Computer Lab Assistant. Rob moved over to New Jersey his freshman year of High School where he attended Lenape High School in Medford, NJ. Rob tailored his studies to computers and technology. He took a wide range of courses from electronics lab through Java programming. Today, Rob is an alumni from the New Jersey Institute of Technology located in Newark, NJ. He majored in Information Technology specializing in Web Applications.

Lenape High School


Rob M. Reese II

Rob and his significant other, Stacey, on the Nasdaq screen in New York City. This picture was taken for the Microsoft Ad Campaign "I'm A PC."


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