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Networking Services

Network Consultation & Installation

What type of network do need? Do we even need a network?
When begining a small business or dealing with the pains of a small business that's growing worrying about designing and installing a network should be put in the hands of the experts. When working with TechnoLogicRepair, we will aide in the need of network design and installation. Through a cost effective and efficient process, TechnoLogicRepair will design a scalable high speed network that will exceed the needs of your business allowing plenty of room for growth into the future.

Network Security

Is out network secure?
Network security is a very important aspect to owning and operating a network. It is crucial to system stability and security that a network be made as secure as possible. Operating an insecure network runs the risk of data loss and theft of private property. Prevent this by bringing in TechnoLogicRepair's network security experts to PEN-TEST your network for security vulnerabilities. We will provide a full report of vulnerabilities found as well as solutions to bring your network to a secure state.

Network Technologies

We need a network. Now what?
Whether you need a network to support your computers and their internet connection or you need a network for your point of sale systems, TechnoLogicRepair will be there to aide you in the process of getting the bleeding edge of networking technology installed within your business. A network that features not only speed but scalability is a prime key to success.

Wireless Networking & Installation

I can get my wireless in one room but not the room directly next to it... Why?
Wireless networking is essential in most computing systems today. When your laptop can't find that access point you know exists or you see your friends comfortably sitting on the front porch browsing the web and you're stuck strapped to your cable modem with a Cat-5e cable, you will know it's time to contact TechnoLogicRepair. TechnoLogicRepair will work with you to get wireless networks configured properly and in a secure manner allowing browsing the net and access to network resources throughout the building, trouble-free!

Wired Networking & Installation

My Home or Business doesn't have a network and we need one.
TechnoLogicRepair offers nothing but the best and that's exactly what we offer in regards to networking services. TechnoLogicRepair can work with you to design a cost effective and scalable network to suit your home or business needs. Wired networks are always more reliable than wireless networks. Wired networks are critical to the backbone structure within a business or home. Choose TechnoLogicRepair to get hooked-up - this will allow you to browse and access network resources at top speeds reducing crucial overhead costs for time spent waiting... and waiting... and waiting.....

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