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Small Business Services

Technology Consult

What technology would your company benefit from the most?
That's the exact question our Technology Consulting services will answer for you. TechnoLogicRepair will work with you to help setup your computing infrastructure or help upgrade existing systems through a cost effective and efficient process. Bring your technology to the edge by consulting the experts today!

Network Consultation & Installation

What type of network do need? Do we even need a network?
When begining a small business or dealing with the pains of a small business that's growing worrying about designing and installing a network should be put in the hands of the experts. When working with TechnoLogicRepair, we will aide in the need of network design and installation. Through a cost effective and efficient process, TechnoLogicRepair will design a scalable high speed network that will exceed the needs of your business allowing plenty of room for growth into the future.

System Management Consult

Who will maintain the technology that is found within our small business?
This is a very serious question faced by many small business owners today. Many small businesses cannot afford the expense of a full-time IT support personnel whom offers daily support towards your IT problems. TechnoLogicRepair offers the perfect solution through monthly or yearly service contracts, we will manage your IT and help solve any problems along the way. Put your IT into the hands of the experts and rest assured your systems are always under a skilled and attentive eye.

System Upgrades

Our technology is outdated...
Then now's the perfect time to bring TechnoLogicRepair onto the scene to help aide your small business through the steps involved with upgrading your outdated systems. TechnoLogicRepair will guide you through the process of upgrading your systems using a cost effective and efficient approach.

Software & Equipment Training

Our employees need a better understanding of ___________.
Fill in the blank. - No matter what that blank is, someone here at TechnoLogicRepair is fully qualified to get your employees up-to-date with the latest trends in Operating Systems, Hardware, Specific Programs, etc. Let TechnoLogicRepair train your employees bringing their skills and knowledge to the bleeding edge surpassing the competition!

Data Backup

We haven't backed-up our systems in over 2 years. That's ok; right?
Data loss is a very large problem within the realm of Small Businesses nationwide. Data backup is critical to recover from a systems crash. Without a data backup, you have nothing to fall back on. TechnoLogicRepair can set up your small business with the perfect backup system specifically tailored to your needs - whether it's a single workstation - or an entire server farm - we've got you covered!

Data Recovery

We lost everything. Now what?
This is a very scary situation to find yourself in as a small business. With today's technologies, many companies are finding themselves relying on technology more and more to solve everyday problems and make daily tasks easier. When small businesses loose their data, serious profit loss can occur. Thankfully, TechnoLogicRepair offers data recovery services. If we cannot recover your data, we'll help you find the next tier of data recovery support to get that data back!

Audio / Visual Support & Installations

We have a company executive meeting and need a projector and sound system. Now what?
TechnoLogicRepair offers a full range of services in regards to Audio / Visual support. TechnoLogicRepair can do a full, temporary setup including a projector, screen, laptop, microphone and sound system - all professional grade equipment for a very small rental fee. TechnoLogicRepair can also aide in system selection and installation of projection, sound, and other A/V systems within your small business. No matter what your need, TechnoLogicRepair will help you get the quality product and service you expect from a reputable company without the over-inflated cost.

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